Our Vision of Power


Wed, 11/07/2018 - 13:24

We are the majority. Everyday, exceptional people - mothers, fathers, young people, immigrants, students, and workers - dream of a better life for our friends and family and do our best to get by.

And yet, big corporations and out of touch billionaires hold too much influence over our laws and elected officials. The policies passed in our nation, state and neighborhoods usually set us up to lose.

We are unfairly targeted based on race, religion, and where we come from; face violence from police; earn low wages; and have to contend with underfunded schools and services. Imagine if instead of resigning ourselves to the “way things are” we came together - in every election, for every policy decision of our elected officials - to insist that our needs were met?

This is the Power of the Majority that we are determined to build. California leads the nation in innovative policies that support justice, fairness and equality.  We have raised the minimum wage, expanded health care to millions, provided immigrants with drivers licenses, taxed the wealthy to fund schools, and offered more people a second chance for low-level crimes.

Together as the Million Voters Project we are building on the past to shape the future of our state and country. Now more than ever expanding equality, justice, and opportunity requires all of us to act. Democracy cannot work for us until it includes us. By voting together, we can win policy changes that lift us all up by rebuilding our neighborhoods, supporting our families, and restoring the promise of opportunity.